2017年度全本大戏《清风亭》 及《戏中情缘》系列折子戏 敬请期待!

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时间:星期天, 十月15日,下午3点半至5点半

地点:国家图书馆,Multi-Purpose Room


Beijing Opera Appreciation Session

Sun, 15 Oct, 2017, 3:30pm -5:30pm

@Central Public Library, Multi-Purpose Room

In conjunction with our presentation of full-length opera, “Qingfeng Pavilion” and a collection of opera excerpts, “Tales of Love”, Tian Yun Beijing Opera Society will be holding an introductory session to give the audience a deeper understanding of the rudiments of Beijing Opera. Topics will include a short introduction to our society, the history of Beijing Opera, the various types of  roles  and performance techniques. We will place the spotlight on our 2 performances, highlighting certain aspects that the audience should pay attention to. We hope that through this info session, the audience will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Beijing Opera. The session will be conducted in Mandarin. Admission is free and registration is not required.

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