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成立日期 一九九二年九月十一日。
剧社宗旨 培养新血继承及提倡发扬优秀京剧艺术。历年来在各剧院/民众联络所/学校/宗乡团体会所举办多场京剧讲解示范及各类大小型演出,曾数次赴中国北京/上海/武汉/太原/南宁/大连与当地京剧团体联合演出。
兴趣熏陶 天韵京剧社自一九九四年起在德明政府中学教导中学生学习京剧,积极训练培养新一代京剧爱好者,  每年为该校中文学会‘青春旋律’排演京剧折子戏。
新血培养 这些年来天韵培育了众多京剧新苗。这批爱好京剧的青少年,在百忙中抽空辛勤学习京剧唱腔、念白、身段及音乐场面,尝试表演各类颇有难度的京剧‘生’‘旦’‘净’‘丑’中的人物。于二零零六年成立青年组,为天韵京剧社注入新血,成为未来新一代京剧接班人,继续为新加坡京剧活动尽一份力,提倡发扬优秀京剧艺术。



Date of Inception : 11th September 1992
Aim : To cultivate young practitioners to appreciate and promote the art of Beijing Opera.Since its inception, Tian Yun Beijing Opera Society has been performing as well as giving talks-cum-demonstrations in numerous theatres, community centres, schools as well Chinese clan associations. We have also performed with Beijing Opera enthusiasts and professionals in Beijing, Shanghai, Wu Han, Tai Yuan, Nan Ning and Da Lian.
Interest Cultivation : Since 1994, Tian Yun Beijing Opera Society has been actively teaching and promoting Beijing Opera in Dunman High School. Every year, students present a Beijing Opera performance for Dunman High School’s Chinese Society’s “ Kaleidescope” – a showcase of the students’ talents in performance art.
New Blood : We have cultivated a group of passionate young opera enthusiasts, ( including students from schools other than Dunman High School ), who manage to take time out from their hectic lives as students to learn the finer points of Beijing Opera singing, dialogue, movement and even handling musical instruments. These students have been taking on challenging roles in each of the four major operatic roles in Beijing Opera, namely “sheng” ( main male role ), “dan” (female role ), “jing” ( male with a painted face, usually a forceful character ), and “chou” ( male clown role ).The Tian Yun Beijing Opera Society’s Youth Group was formed in 2006, and consists of over twenty members, all of whom are willing and able to bring the art of Beijing Opera to greater heights and popularity in Singapore in the years to come.




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